Customized Coated-Ply Roofing Solutions

Roofing requirements vary from one structure to another. At Trust All Roofing Inc. in Fresno, California, we can customize coated-ply roofs suitable for your property and install durable, breathable systems.

The process involves embedding the fabric between multiple coats of Conklin's Benchmark, Rapid Roof III, or Rapid Roof HV. To make sure that the roof system performs excellently, we manufacture it onsite.

Ensure Comfort and Productivity

Having a cooled-down roof over your head makes it easier to create a comfortable workspace. This dramatically reduces activity that can negatively impact the flow of business operations.

With weather-tight and Energy Star-rated systems, roof surfaces stay cooler as they deflect the sun's ultraviolet rays rather than absorb them in the form of heat. Conklin acrylic elastomeric roof coatings also enable improved breathability.

A Conklin fabric-reinforced system is strong and flexible enough to keep out the elements, but is also smart enough to prevent interior water vapor from getting trapped in the roof's insulation.

Get More for Less

Choose long-term durability and flexibility. Businesses and business owners using coated-ply roofing systems also enjoy 100% tax write-offs.